General Procedures for Obtaining Remote Access
to HSE Electronic Resources for Moscow Campus
(users from Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm please ask your local librarian for details)

A. In order to obtain the remote access the applicant shall:

1. Rank with one of the following categories:
 -  students;
 -  postgraduate/doctoral students;
 -  lyceum students;
 -  academic personnel or other members of the staff.
2. Have the HSE (Moscow) library card and active library account (be duly registered and have no overdue penalties or unpaid fines).

B. If you satisfy the requirements of clause A:

1. Fill in the application form :;
2. Upon completion and sending of the form, you will receive an auto-reply with login and password and further instructions.
C. Please note, that:

1. The password is valid for 180 days and at the attempt to use it after its expiration, a new password will be automatically emailed to the address you indicated at registration.
2. In case you quit HSE (resigned, graduated or been expelled from the university) the remote access is disabled.